If you've looked at the weather forecasts, you know that you should be expecting a very wet rainy season this year. What you might not know is that an overly-active rainy season can spell disaster for your basement, especially if you haven't waterproofed properly. If you haven't had time to waterproof your basement yet, here are four reasons why you should take care of that as soon as possible.

Prevents Mold Growth

If you've got a basement, you want to keep it as dry as possible. One reason is because a dry basement is less likely to develop mold problems. Moisture inside your basement provides the perfect environment for mold to grow. Unfortunately, mold can be hazardous to your health, especially if you suffer from allergies or breathing-related illnesses. Another reason is that a dry basement provides more usable space. Waterproofing your basement before the rains arrive will ensure that it stays dry and mold-free.

Protects Against Flooding 

Heavy seasonal rains can leave the area around your home covered in water. While rain gutters are designed to keep water away from the foundation of your home, they can't work if they're not properly cared for. Proper waterproofing includes the care and maintenance of your rain gutters. Once your gutters are working properly, water that streams down from your roof will be dispersed to areas away from the foundation, which will help prevent basement flooding caused by seasonal rains.

Reduces Concrete and Structural Damage

You might not realize this, but water in your basement can cause concrete and structural damage. Water in the basement can seep into the cracks and pores of your concrete, which can lead to decay and weakening. As the concrete weakens, it can undermine the structural integrity of your home. This is particularly true if the foundation is damaged due to excessive exposure to seasonal rain.

Limits Soil Erosion

Seasonal flooding can cause severe soil erosion, especially around the foundation of your home. Using various exterior waterproofing measures to protect your basement will also greatly reduce the soil erosion you experience around your home. Installing a French drain around the perimeter of your home will prevent basement flooding and reduce the amount of soil erosion you experience during the seasonal rains.

Don't risk water damage. Be sure your basement is waterproofed before the seasonal rains arrive. Proper waterproofing will protect your home and your property from damage. Contact a company like John's Waterproofing to learn more.