While mold is far from being a bad thing -- after all, we wouldn't have penicillin without it -- mold that grows aggressively in your home can be a turn-off for potential buyers and a health hazard for those who breathe in the airborne spores on a daily basis. Getting rid of mold effectively and preventing it from growing in the future is a task that the average homeowner can easily equip themselves to deal with, so there's no need to fear that a mold situation gone bad is totally hopeless. Keep reading below for a few tips on how to get rid of mold growth for good and stay safe while doing it.

Learn How to Identify Mold

The first step in preventing mold is knowing how to identify it quickly and correctly. While there are mold test kits sold at many hardware stores that can accurately locate mold, there is a cheaper solution that works just as well. Mix sixteen cups of water with one cup of bleach in a large pail and dip the tip of a cotton swab into it. Touch the suspect area with the wet swab tip and look closely at the result. If you see the spot suddenly turn lighter, you can bet that mold - not dirt - is what's growing. 

Use Mildewcide in Your Paint

There are some areas of most homes that are prime locations for mold. These are usually rooms that are frequently dark or damp, such as basements and attics. To do the most you can to prevent mold from growing, consider painting the walls of your basement or attic with paint that has a mildew prevention additive. Most paints sold in hardware stores contain a small amount of mildewcide, but beefing up the strength of this additive can mean that the treated walls will be free of mold for years to come. 

Protect Yourself Properly

When you finally decide to deal with that mold problem in the bathroom that's been plaguing you for months, don't set about doing anything until you've acquired the proper safety gear. One of the most important pieces of equipment you can buy is a high filtration mask. Keep in mind that although various masks will often advertise their effectiveness with vague terminology, you need to look for just one: HEPA, or high efficiency particulate arrestance. These masks are the only ones that can prevent you from breathing in mold spores. Contact a remediation company, like Charleston Environmental Services, for more help.