Did you know that snow can damage your home's foundation? Some property owners place emphasis on the effects that water can have on their foundations, and they may overlook potential threats that melting snow or accumulated snow and frost can cause. The following points will help you to better understand this serious issue and potential ways to protect your property.

Ways That Snow Causes Foundation Damage

  • Sump Pump Freezing - If you have a sump pump on your property, it should direct excess water away from your property. Snow accumulation may cause sump pumps to freeze and malfunction. This means that moisture from melted snow or other elements may cause damage due to the excess moisture not being properly removed by the sump pump. 
  • Soil Changes - Snow can also cause the consistency of soil to change. Melting and refreezing of snow may cause soil to expand, and the expansion may cause pressure in the soil and lead to cracks in foundations. It is also possible for melting snow to add more moisture to the soil. Moisture is a known culprit for foundation issues. If the moisture from the melted snow penetrates the foundation, cracks may form and existing cracks may expand. 

Preventive Measures

  • Insulation - Adding insulation can help to prevent freezing of areas that could become problematic such as the area where the sump pump is located. You may also need to consider getting additional insulation added to your foundation to thwart freezing conditions from causing cracks. 
  • Add More Pipes - The focus on preventing foundation damages caused by melting snow involves ensuring that melted snow is not allowed to rest around the foundation of properties. Installing more pipes to drain away excess precipitation can help improve drainage issues. 
  • Redirect Water Flow - Repositioning the direction that downspouts flow can help to prevent water from pooling around your home's foundation. It is also ideal to keep gutters cleaned so that debris does not get trapped and frozen in them. If sump pump problems are a concern, consider getting the positioning of the drainage area changed, which may aid in preventing water from pooling around the foundation. 

A foundation repair contractor like Pier Pressure Foundation Repair is the best resource to use if you have noticed cracks in your foundation. They can determine the severity of the cracks. It is also wise to contact these professionals for an inspection after winter is over to ensure that your property does not have any underlying foundation problems that are not evident to you.