You probably don't think much about your refrigerator keeping your foods and beverages cool, but it can be highly disappointing to open the door and find that it isn't as cool as it usually is. Not only can this bring to your foods and drinks to rather uncomfortable temperatures, but it can even be dangerous by causing your food to get dangerously warm. Before you automatically assume that it's time to purchase a new refrigerator, however, you should look into the source of the problem. These are a few potential reasons why your refrigerator isn't cooling properly.

1. You've Accidentally Adjusted Your Thermostat

Your refrigerator's thermostat is probably displayed prominently within view, and it's possible that you might have bumped it while putting groceries away or sneaking leftovers out of the refrigerator. Check your thermostat to ensure that you haven't accidentally turned it up before you panic.

2. Clean Your Breaker

Make sure that there is electricity going to your refrigerator. Check your breaker box to make sure that the power has not tripped in that area of your home, and check to ensure that your refrigerator has been plugged in. It might seem silly, but even minor things can cause a breaker to trip or can cause your refrigerator's cord to come unplugged, so it's best to check these things before you waste any time or money on fixing your refrigerator.

3. Check Your Coils

Your refrigerator's coils are probably located on the back of your unit, near the bottom, although you might find them on the front as well. These coils can attract pet hair, dust and dirt quite easily, and if they haven't been cleaned, it could be tough for your refrigerator to function properly. After disconnecting the power from your refrigerator, use a stiff-bristled brush to get rid of any debris.

4. Problems With Your Condenser

Your condenser is a very important component when it comes to keeping your refrigerator cool. If you have done some troubleshooting and can't find the source of the problem, there is a good chance that there is something wrong with the condenser or condenser fan. Luckily, a good refrigerator repair service can diagnose and fix these issues, which can be much more affordable than replacing your entire unit.

Realizing that your refrigerator isn't cooling properly can be very upsetting, but you shouldn't panic just yet. Instead, consider these four potential reasons why your refrigerator isn't cooling properly; then, you can work on getting to the bottom of the problem.